Make any video your lesson

Available now for your students on their iPads and iPhones

What can your students do with the EDpuzzle App?

From zero to hero in three easy steps

Easy Login/Signup

Seamless access for students with their current Google Apps, Edmodo or EDpuzzle accounts. No need to worry about wasting class time making sure students have their accounts ready.

Quick Classroom Access

Entering a classroom is as easy as introducing the class code, just like in EDpuzzle's website. Old and new assignments will automatically be synchronized and available to do and review.

Beautiful Assignments

Now your assignments and quizzes are more beautifully displayed for your students. Assignments on iOS are completed on the device and synchronize with EDpuzzle in the background. No more worrying about Internet reliability.

Seeing is believing

A sneak peak of the new EDpuzzle app